Wisdom of the Cards

72 Path-working Cards, 9 Sacred Gates, 63 Inner World Stepping Stones 

Here are the images for the 9 Sacred Gates and a bit about the fundamental wisdom they speak. All cards link to other themes through the physical and spiritual blueprints, the energy field, human physiology, devotional practices and inherent spiritual gifts.

Organic Body

Our physical or organic body has many systems. The neurological , musculoskeletal, endocrine, cardio-respiratory, and lymph-digestive system correspond to the five cisterns as well as our subtle bodies.

The Elements

Nature’s elements and directions weave through us, linking the etheric and physical bodies, much like they knit together the fabric of our middle world.

Sacred Cisterns

There are five primary energy centers within and surrounding the human body. The Qabalah refers to this group as the central pillar.

Rivers & Streams

Circulatory routes for fluids and electricity, in nature they are waterways, air, mist and rain, rays of sun, root system. Energetically they are meridians and nadis carrying life forces through the body and energy field.

Soul to Soul

Spiritual communication is multifaceted. Many of these qualities: telepathy, clairvoyance, knowingness, awareness, and other gifts, reside in the 5th, 6th and 7th chakras and correspond to parts of the brain.

The Journey

Three pillars descend from divinity into the hologram of our humanity. As we journey along these pathways we are also traveling through our bodies, inside the autonomic and central nervous systems: Sun, Moon & Synergy.

Windows to the Soul

Awareness of our divinity is an important part of our beingness and evolution. Devotional practices can help us take the next step, opening the windows to our souls.

Gateways to the Heights

Breath-or Prana, and cerebral spinal fluid-or kundalini energy, are just two of the energies inherent to living beings that act as gateways to higher dimensions.

Unity: Each sacred symbol is in some way representative of tri-unity and the relationship between Earth and Heaven as they meet in humans and other beings in the Middle World

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