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Earth and Cosmic energies flow deep in the marrow of your bones, like underground waterways. When you breathe in from above and below, you can feel the flood of the divine in even the densest of places.

On the physical plane, your body is nourished by blood, lymph, air, digestive fluids, hormones and other bio-chemicals. On an energetic level they correspond to the energies of prana, kundalini and chi. 

We source prana from the air around us as we breathe; kundalini from our cerebral spinal fluids in the central channel: our spinal column. We source chi from our blood and as the vital microcosmic energies inside the endocrine system of our bodies. The divine energies of Heaven and Earth from the etheric macrocosm outside of our physical form.

Our connective tissue wraps the muscles, holds the organs in place, and weaves its way through and around our bones. This is where deepest penetration of energies inform our experience and connect us to the divine, through the meridian system.

Breathe in and out slowly as you find your center. Be aware of the field of energy around you. Find yourself in the center of your field. 

Breathe in from above and below, allowing Heaven’s energy to move through your crown and Earth’s energy to move into the bottom of your feet, up your legs into your pelvis and lower abdomen. Earth circulates in your lower cauldron (belly) and flows our through your root (pelvic floor) back to Earth’s core. 

Heaven flows down your spinal column to meet Earth where it pulls a small amount of Earth into its river and then flows upward to the crown again. When it reaches the crown, the combined energies of Heaven and Earth fountain you the top of your head into your energy field around you.

Have you considered the possibility that every cell in your body is a starry reflection of the cosmos…or the light reflected in a drop of water?

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