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Sacred Body Cards are available for your use online under the following terms and conditions:

  1. Designated free online use or for fee online use is restricted to personal use. No part of this website, oracle, or card images may be used to sell services to a third party without the express permission of The Energetic Connection. Sacred Body Oracle & Cards™ is trademarked under the State of New Mexico. Furthermore, each individual Sacred Body Card has assigned to it an encrypted security serial number as follows:
  2. The Organic Body sbc-392-606-001, Respiration sbc-392-606-002, Digestion sbc-392-606-003, Circulation sbc-392-606-004, Restoration sbc-392-606-005, Communication sbc-392-606-006, The Elements sbc-392-606-007, As Above, So Below sbc-392-606-008, Eastern Winds sbc-392-606-009, Southern Sun sbc-392-606-010, Western Sea sbc-392-606-01, Northern Cave sbc-392-606-012, Soul to Soul sbc-392-606-013, Clear Sight sbc-392-606-014, Knowingness sbc-392-606-015, Origins sbc-392-606-016, The Witness sbc-392-606-017, Balance sbc-392-606-018, Communication sbc-392-606-019, The Record Keeper sbc-392-606-020, Impressions sbc-392-606-021, Consciousness sbc-392-606-022, Envisioning sbc-392-606-023, Telepathy sbc-392-606-024, Healing sbc-392-606-025, Connection sbc-392-606-026, Rivers & Streams sbc-392-606-027, Sources sbc-392-606-028, The Riverbed sbc-392-606-029, Tributaries sbc-392-606-030, Streams sbc-392-606-031, Wellsprings sbc-392-606-032, Anchorage sbc-392-606-033, Pools of Energy sbc-392-606-034, Vital Vessels sbc-392-606-035, Sacred Cisterns sbc-392-606-036, Physical Body sbc-392-606-037, Etheric Body sbc-392-606-038, Astral Body sbc-392-606-039, Mental Body sbc-392-606-040,  Spiritual Body sbc-392-606-041, Lower World sbc-392-606-042, Middle World sbc-392-606-043, Upper World sbc-392-606-044, Gateways to the Heights sbc-392-606-045, Primordial Power sbc-392-606-046,  Divine Matrix sbc-392-606-047, Life Forces sbc-392-606-048,  Earth & Cosmic Energies sbc-392-606-049, Creative Energy sbc-392-606-050,  Vortexes sbc-392-606-051,  Spiritual Essence sbc-392-606-052,  Body Currents sbc-392-606-053, Windows to the Soul sbc-392-606-054, Visualization sbc-392-606-055, Breath of Life sbc-392-606-056, Inner Rhythms sbc-392-606-057, Running Energy sbc-392-606-058, Inquiry & Reflection sbc-392-606-059, Self-Healing & Mastery sbc-392-606-060, Awakening Awareness sbc-392-606-061, Cultivating Creativity sbc-392-606-062, The Journey sbc-392-606-063, Strength sbc-392-606-064, Compassion sbc-392-606-065, Evolution sbc-392-606-066, Expansion sbc-392-606-067, Knowing sbc-392-606-068, Brilliance sbc-392-606-069, Vitality sbc-392-606-070, Intelligence sbc-392-606-071, Unity sbc-392-606-072

  3. The design, images, photographs and layout are copyrighted with the US Copyright Office as well as the unique security serial number heretofore mentioned in article 1. Any attempt to alter any part of the card including the serial number is a violation of copyright, trademark, and punishable by law.

  4. The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal.  Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a fine of $250,000.

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