The Evolutionary Soul Path

Soul Path Guidance: Your soul has it’s own natural course. Explore the cycles on your personal journey. Enhance your career, personal growth experience & relationships. with Sacred Body Pathworking.

Raising the Bar of Consciousness: Identify, deprogram and resolve old patterns with your own Inner Healing Alchemy.

Your Blueprint for Health: Your body is a sacred hologram filled with divine healing energy. Re-establish your encodements for health with expanded awareness of your Sacred Body Wisdom.

Michele has been reading & teaching for over 25 years and recently created the Sacred Body Oracle and Cards. She is an intuitive coach, mentor & ordained minister. Evoke Your Inner Wisdom!

All readings and healings are $100/one-hour private session…just click on the buy button below. Please email or call us to schedule a session: 505-577-1664.




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$36 Sacred Body Oracle & Cards: Buy the 72-card divining deck and accompanying symbols book. Purchase the Cards!