Here is your free gift …

My free gift to you comes from my audio CD, Emergence!, which contains practical tools for transformation, grounding and anchoring, creating sacred space, creating ceremony, clearing and releasing old patterns and energies.

You will enjoy visualization, movement and breath in this 7-part segment from Emergence!, titled Sun. You may download or listen online to the individual files or download the complete set with a single click (see the bottom of this page).

1. Introduction (mp3) [listen/download]

2. Essential Breathing (mp3) [listen/download]

3. Grounding Awareness (mp3) [listen/download]

4. Grounding Spaces (mp3) [listen/download]

5. Inner Rivers (mp3) [listen/download]

6. Affinity Definition (mp3) [listen/download]

7. Pools of Energy (mp3) [listen/download]

To download a single .zip file containing all of these mp3 files, click here. The file size is 50 mb and may take a few minutes to download.