About the Journey

I love this planet and I love life here. It’s a constantly shifting, never-ending growth curve that inspires and enlightens me, even in the edgy, ornery, chaotic stretches. Years ago when I studied at Berkeley Psychic Institute, I learned how the energies of Amusement & Enthusiasm are high vibrations that help creating, destroying and re-picturing just about, well…everything.

The root of enthusiasm is entheos: inspired, full of God.

The root of amusement is muse: inspire, wonder, reflect

Both words carry a spiritual vibration that far exceeds any dictionary definition. Even in the most challenging of moments, if I am enthusiastic, I can be amused. If I am amused, I am capable of manifesting anything within my realm of consciousness.

That’s how the Sacred Body Cards were created and birthed, and WOW! was it ever a long creation cycle. The first spark ignited back in the late 1980’s during my clairvoyant training at BPI, and the flames grew slowly for about a decade when I worked in the fitness and bodywork industry. Then they quickly turned to ashes when I focused on my Pilates career. When the flames of that idea began flickering again in 2009, I gave it up for adoption believing my own inner fire couldn’t kindle them into fruition.

The growth curve was straight up in Summer of 2012–a time when all I could do was look at images: in magazines, on the computer screen and, most importantly, in my mind’s eye. One day I began collaging the concepts I wanted to present, playing with symbols and images that might best portray the messages. Four different cut and paste versions later, I laminated a set of 72 collage-cards and began doing readings with friends.

The little spark turned flame into bonfire!

The cards sped through the birth canal once I realized my magical thinking and came back to earth: I was most definitely not an artist and had limited funds. That honesty bred recognition and possibility. Someplace in the ethers, 1,000 photographs from 8 years of travel lived on an iCloud! “Hmmm. Should I? No, that’s not a good idea. Well, why not?  No way! Well, let’s at least look to see how they might work.” And they did. If you’d like to know more about my personal journey, click here!

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